Odyssey - Book 5 Summary

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  • Athene once again trying to help her favorite, Odysseus, while Poseidon is away in Ethiopia. She complains about Odysseus' being stuck on Calypso's island and Telemachus facing the treacherous suitors. Zeus tells his daughter that it was her plan that led to the treachery and it's entirely within her power to control it. As to Odysseus, Zeus takes action sending Hermes to tell Calypso to let Odysseus go on a makeshift raft. Odysseus is to meet the Phaeacians in 20 days, at which time he will be honored with a sea-worthy ship and plunder.
  • Hermes straps on his sandals and zooms to Calypso's cave where he finds her weaving. Odysseus is out at the shore looking over the waters and bewailing his fate. Before Hermes tells Calypso why he has come, she sets nectar and ambrosia before him. He then tells her Zeus' will, which angers Calypso. She knows resistance is futile so when Hermes leaves, she goes to find Odysseus to tell him that he need no longer mope: she's going to help him get a raft together. Odysseus makes sure she isn't tricking him by having her swear an oath, which…


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