Odyssey - Book 4 Summary

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  • Telemachus and Peisistratus arrive at the court of Menelaus and Helen where they are welcomed, bathed, oiled, dressed, and feasted even though the royal couple is making their children's wedding preparations. After they eat Menelaus hazards a guess that they are the sons of kings. He says that few among mortals have as much wealth as he although he has also lost much, including men; the one whose loss he most laments is Odysseus. He doesn't know whether Odysseus is dead or alive but when he sees how moved Telemachus is, he silently deduces that he is the son Odysseus left in Ithaca as a baby. Helen comes in and voices Menelaus' suspicion. More stories bring more tears until Helen doses the wine with a pharmacopeia from magical Egypt.
  • Helen talks about how Odysseus disguised himself to get inside Troy where only Helen recognized him. Helen helped him and said that she regretfully longed to be with the Greeks.
  • Then Menelaus tells about Odysseus' work with the wooden horse and how Helen almost undid it all by tempting the men inside to call out to her.
  • Telemachus says it's time to sleep, so he and Peisistratus sleep outside in the colonnade while the royal couple goes to their indoor bedroom.


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