Odyssey - Book 3 Summary

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  • Telemachus and crew approach the shore of Pylos where sacrifices are being offered. When he hesitates to land, Athene, disguised as Mentor, gives him a nudge to go to Nestor to inquire about his father, so they land. When Nestor sees them, he excitedly invites them over. Athena is given the honor of making an offering to Poseidon. Then they all feast. Afterwards, Nestor asks the strangers who they are. Telemachus says they are Ithacans looking for his father Odysseus.
  • Nestor tells him that they, the Achaeans spent 9 years fighting at Troy, using the unparalleled stratagems of Odysseus. After they destroyed the city, the Achaeans were scattered. Athene caused a fight between Menelaus and Agamemnon. They called an assembly at dusk (rather than dawn). Menelaus wanted them to sail for home and Agamemnon wanted them to make a sacrifice to pacify Athene. The next morning half the troops left and the other half stayed.
  • Zeus made the ones who left argue again, and half went back, under Odysseus. But Menelaus, Diomedes and Nestor were among those who kept going. Nestor got home, and heard that Achilles' Myrmidons made it home, as did Agamemnon who was killed by Aegisthus who was later killed by Agamemnon's son, Orestes.
  • Nestor says he'd heard about the suitor situation and wondered what the people of Ithaca…


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