Odyssey - Book 2 Summary

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  • The next day Telemachus prepares to follow Mentor-Athene's advice. He calls the Achaeans to assembly. The aged Lord Aegyptius opens the meeting. Aegyptius wonders if Telemachus had word of his father or the men. Peisenor brings the speaker's staff to Telemachus who says that he has had no word, but needs to talk about the evil in his house. He complains that none have come to help, cries in anger, and drops the speaking staff. Antinous answers saying Telemachus wants to shame the suitors, of which group he is one, but the cause of the trouble is Penelope, Telemachus' mother who won't pick one of them. He tells Telemachus to send her away or make her marry a man of her father's choosing. Telemachus says he would be cursed if he sent his mother away against her will. Zeus sends a sign, a pair of eagles, which omen Halitherses read. He says Odysseus would soon return and doom the suitors. Eurymachus (broad fighter) replies that Halitherses is foolish and should go away. He repeats Antinous' advice. Telemachus says he's through discussing it. What he wants is


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