Odyssey - Book 23 Summary

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  • Eurycleia wakes Penelope to tell her that her husband has returned and killed the suitors. Penelope thinks Eurycleia has gone mad. She tells her to go to the hall, but Eurycleia says she's telling the truth and Telemachus knew all along.
  • Penelope gets up in excitement. She asks how Odysseus killed the suitors. Eurycleia says she didn't see, but could only hear the groaning until Telemachus came to get her. She found Odysseus splattered like a lion. They fumigated the house and then sent her to fetch Penelope.
  • Penelope counters that an immortal has killed the suitors and Odysseus has died.
  • Eurycleia says she'll give Penelope proof and tells about the boar tusk scar. She says Penelope can kill her if she's lying.
  • Penelope still thinks the gods have deceived Eurycleia, but wants to see that the suitors are dead.
  • When they descend, Penelope maintains a distance from Odysseus. She alternates between belief and disbelief. Telemachus tells her she should sit by her husband.
  • She says if it really is her husband, she and he will recognize each other by signs.
  • Odysseus…


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