Odyssey - Book 20 Summary

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  • Odysseus lies down to sleep with a cloak thrown over him by Eurynome, but he has trouble sleeping because he can't stop thinking about killing the suitors. Then he hears the women who have been consorting with the suitors and their laughter makes him angry. Athene appears to talk with him. Odysseus says that he's worried that even if he should kill the suitors their families will want revenge. Athena tells him not to worry.
  • Odysseus manages to go to sleep, but then Penelope wakes up and starts to cry. She calls on Artemis. She thinks Artemis could kill her so she could go to the Underworld to see Odysseus. This would be better than marrying a worse man than Odysseus or spending her days crying and her nights with hauntingly bad dreams.
  • Odysseus wakes up and hears his wife weeping. He prays to Zeus for signs, one from within and one from outside. Odysseus receives one in the form of a thunderclap and another from a serving woman praying to Zeus that this might be the last day she has to grind enough wheat for the suitors. Odysseus interprets the signs to mean he should avenge himself on the suitors.
  • The maids set about fixing the fire. Telemachus gets up and puts on his full array. He…


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