Odyssey - Book 19 Summary

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  • Odysseus, still disguised as a grubby beggar, tells Telemachus they must stow away his weapons so the suitors can't use them. Telemachus is to say they're getting smoke damaged and he is afraid the suitors will start hurting themselves with them when they have had too much to drink.
  • Telemachus tells Eurycleia to keep the women away while he and the beggar move the weapons.
  • After the Odysseus-beggar and his son put Odysseus' weapons away, Telemachus goes to sleep, but Odysseus stays in the hall. Then Penelope comes down and sits by the fire while her maids clear away the dishes and food. Melantho scolds the Odysseus-beggar again and tells him to get outside. The Odysseus-beggar scolds and warns her Odysseus will be back.
  • Penelope joins the reprimand, reminding Melantho that she had asked to speak with him.
  • Eurynome brings a comfortable chair for the Odysseus-beggar.
  • Penelope ask who the stranger is and where he comes from. The Odysseus-beggar tries not to answer. Penelope then tells of what has happened to her. She is trying to save herself for Odysseus, but all around people are pressing marriage. Following divine inspiration, she set up a loom to make a shroud for Laertes. For three years she worked on it, unweaving by night what she wove by day. Then one of her slave betrayed her and the suitors caught her. Then she had to finish it. Now she can't avoid marriage any longer. When she finishes she again asks Odysseus to tell where he's from.
  • The Odysseus-beggar says he comes from Crete and is the son of Deucalion, brother of Idomeneus. When Odysseus came to Crete, he gave him guest gifts before he headed for Troy.
  • Penelope then tests the beggar. She asks what kind of clothing Odysseus wore. The Odysseus-beggar answers, naming a brooch Penelope had put on him the day he left. He also describes Eurybates, Odysseus' herald. Penelope is deeply moved and after crying a bit, tells the Odysseus-beggar that she gave Odysseus the named articles of apparel.
  • The Odysseus-beggar…


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