Odyssey - Book 17 Summary

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  • The main characters arrive at the palace of Odysseus.
  • First, Telemachus tells Eumaeus he’s going to talk with his mother and says that Eumaeus should bring the stranger over later so he can beg at the palace.
  • After Telemachus greets his mother, he tells her he has to go get his guest from Piraeus. Piraeus brings out Theoclymenus. He then tells Telemachus he should send women to fetch the gifts from Menelaus that Piraeus is keeping safe. Telemachus says he will do so, but only after he gets revenge against the suitors. In case he should fail, he wants Piraeus to keep the gifts. Telemachus then brings Theoclymenus inside, where he’s bathed and fed. Afterwards, Penelope asks for word of her husband.
  • Telemachus tells his mother that he first went to Nestor, who treated him like a son, but had no word of Odysseus; then he went to Helen and Menelaus, who told him that they’d heard Odysseus was being kept unwillingly on Circe’s island. Theocylmenus prophecies that Odysseus is already on Ithaca. Penelope makes promises to reward him if he’s proven correct.
  • While this is going on, the suitors are…


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