Odyssey - Book 15 Summary

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  • Athene goes to Telemachus to urge him to leave. She tells him that he must protect his inheritance from the ravages of the suitors.
  • The next morning Telemachus wants to take off immediately, but his companion, Pisistratus, tells him to ask permission of his host. So Telemachus asks Menelaus for permission to leave. Menelaus says moderation is best and a host should be neither overly fond of nor rude to his guest. He asks Telemachus to wait until he can load him up with suitable gifts. He also says they'll feed him first and if he wants a tour of the Peloponnese, they will happily provide him with one. At each stop he can expect a valuable gift. Telemachus says he wants to return to protect his property.
  • Menelaus goes to their treasure room with his wife and son Megapenthes. Megapenthes brings back a silver mixing bowl made by Hephaestus out of silver, Menelaus, a double cup, and Helen, a dress she had made and embroidered to be worn by Telemachus' bride. After the gifts are stowed in the chariot, they dine. First they are handed a basin to wash and then given bread, meat, and wine. When they have eaten enough, Telemachus and Peisistratus yoke the horses and Menelaus brings a goblet for a drink offering before they depart. He asks them to tell Nestor how well he treated them. They assure him they will. An eagle with a goose in its talons comes on the scene and is read by Helen as an omen for good: that Odysseus will take care of the suitors. Telemachus says that if she's right, he will make vows to Helen as if she were a god. Then the two young men set off and ride all day until dusk when they reach Pherae, where Diocles lives. They spend the night hospitably and leave at dawn, soon reaching Pylos.
  • Telemachus asks Peisistratus not to make him go to Nestor's palace because he's anxious to get home. Psistratus helps him load the ship and tells him to hurry off because if Nestor learns he is there, he will insist that Telemachus be his guest. He…


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