Odyssey - Book 13 Summary

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  • Odysseus has finished his travelogue for the feasting Phaeacian nobility. The Phaeacian king, Alcinous, tells the nobles at the feast to supply Odysseus with a cauldron and tripod each. They shouldn't have to provide these costly items on their own, but should seek reimbursement from their people. Then they leave the feast for sleep.
  • The Phaeacians load the boat the following morning. They then return to the palace for a sacrifice and feast. At evening, Odysseus and his rowers set off. Odysseus falls asleep. Overnight, the crew reach Ithaca where they deposit Odysseus on the ground. They stow the loot by a great olive tree for safety.
  • Poseidon complains to Zeus about the lack of honor the Phaeacians have shown him by making the end of Odysseus' journey so easy. The sea and earthquake god asks permission to punish the Phaeacians. Zeus readily gives it, but persuades Poseidon not so much to wreck their ship as to turn it to stone and…


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