Odyssey - Book 10 Summary

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  • Odysseus continues his tale for the Phaeacians
  • His crew next sails to the island of Aeolia where Aeolus lives. They stay a month so Odysseus can tell the tales of Troy and the returns of the Achaean leaders. Odysseus then asks permission to leave and for provisions, which Aeolus generously provides. He includes a bag of the winds tightly sealed so Odysseus can release them as needed. Odysseus and his men set sail. On the 10th day, they spot Ithaca. Then Odysseus falls asleep. While he sleeps some of his men discuss the likelihood that Odysseus' special bag contains gold and silver he is keeping from his men, so they open the bag, releasing all the winds.
  • Storm-tossed they are blown back to Aeolia. Aeolus refuses to help again. Instead, he orders them off the island because they are cursed by the gods.
  • They row for a week until they reach Telepylus in the land of Laestrygonians, (cannibals ruled by Antiphates). All the ships save Odysseus' moor together in a harbor. Three men land. The Laistrygonian king eats one of the scouts. The other Greeks run for the ships. The Laistrygonians smash the 11 ships that are in the harbor so they can feed on the men. Odysseus orders the men on his ship, which is only safe for the moment, to row.
  • They next land on Aeaea, Circe's island. They rest a couple of days and then Odysseus scouts the island for sign of human habitation. When he finds it, he returns to the ship. He feeds and revives the men on a stag…


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