OCR Philosophy and Applied Ethics - religion and equality

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Men and wome are equal:

  • Love your neighbour as yourself
  • from one man he made every nation
  • there is neither jew nor greek, male nor female... for you are all one in christ jesus
  • the good samaritan
  • women were the first witness of the resurrection
  • jesus was friends with mary and martha

Men are superior

  • i do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man
  • eve was created for adam
  • wives...be submissive to your husbands
  • priest represents jesus = male
  • bishops = apostles descendants = male
  • pope = successor of peter = male
  • different skills/physical differences
  • tradition

All people are equal:

  • love your neighbour as yourself
  • do not deprive the alien or the


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