OCR Philosophy - The Cosmological Argument

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The Cosmological Argument

Cosmology - Argues for the existence of the world, and its perceived state of order, to the existence of a Creator, or God.

Plato's (428 - 374BCE) theory:

  • Motion and change are brought about by something which is external to the things being moved or changed.
  • There is a self-moving principle from which all change and motion originate.
  • This principle is the soul and this is responsible for the world as it is

Thomas Aquinas's (1225 - 1274) theory:


 1) The unmoved mover -

  • Everything which is moving or changing is moved by something else. 
  • The instigator of the movement or change is also being moved or changed.
  • This keeps going on.
  • However this cannot go back infinitely, infinite regression is not possible.
  • Therefore there must be a First Mover independent of…




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