OCR History- The Amristice/ Paris Peace Conference/ Aims of the Big Three/ Treaty of Versailles

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  • Defeated powers wanted peace
  • The Victors all wanted different things
  • Many armistice terms ended up in the final treaty (i.e Reparations, Alsace- Lorraine given to France, De-militarisation of the Rhinland)
  • January 1919- 32 Countries met at the Paris Peace Conference to make the peace settlement
  • Difficult to please everyone in the peace treaty
  • All politicians had to meet expectations of public opinions à different in every country

The Big Three:

  • U.S.A (Woodrow Wilson), Britain (David Lloyd George), France (Georges Clemenceau) Occasionally referred to as 'the Big Four' which includes Vittorio Emanuele Orlando who represented Italy.
  • Part of the Council of 10 at the Paris Peace Conference à 2 representatives from Britain, France, U.S.A, Italy and Japan
  • Council of 10 met daily to discuss all important decisions

Great Britain:

  • David Lloyd George: Election promises to "Squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak"
  • Knew a harsh peace would bring




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