OCR Gateway Additional Science B Higher P4- Sparks

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Central part of an atom that contains protons and neutrons


The basic building block of an element that cannot be chemically broken down


Type of electrostatic discharge briefly producing light and sound


Small particles within an atom that orbit the nucleus in electron shells

Two types of charge

Positive and negative

Law of electric charge

The same charges repel (positive and positive, negative and negative) and the opposite charges attract (positive and negative, negative and positive)

What happens when polythene rod is rubbed with a duster?

Electrons are transferred from the duster to the polythene rod and the rod becomes negatively charged

What happens when acetate rod is rubbed with a duster?

Electrons are transferred from the acetate rod to the duster and the rob becomes positively charged

Cause of positive charge?

Loss of electrons

Cause of negative charge?

Gaining of electrons

Atoms or molecules that become charged?


What is transferred during electrostatic effects?


When could a electrostatic spark ignite gases? What would happen?

In high concentration of oxygen or when flammable gases/vapors are present. An explosion could occur

What happens when a person touches something at a high voltage?

Large amounts of electric charge flow through their body to earth

An example of an insulator

Television screens

What are dust and dirt attracted to?


What do clothes from synthetic materials do?

Cling to each other and the body

What is it called when an object is connected to the earth?


What happens if an object likely to be charged is connected to the earth?

Any build up of charge flows down earth wire

What wire would electric charge flow down?

Earth wire

What does the operator stand on in a factory were operating equipment is at risk of becoming charged?

A rubber mat

Why does the operator stand on a rubber mat in a factory were operating equipment is likely to become charged?

So that charge cannot flow through them into the earth

Shoe with_-----soles are worn by workers if there is a risk of charge building up .


What happens if workers wear shoes with insulating soles?

The charge does not flow…


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