OCR AS Religious Studies- Abortion issues... sanctity of life

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Abortion issues ...

basic information:

  • 1968 abortion is made legal
  • law states that 2 doctors must give thier official agreemnet- agreed if womans life is at risk or if her mental/social sitution is threatened.
  • 1990 human fertilisation and embryo act limits abortion to 24 weeks.
  • development: day 1 : pre-embryo starts growing- day 12: implantation- 3 weeks: the heart starts to beat- 6 weeks: brainwaves detected- 8 weeks: all organs are formed- 10 weeks: recognisable facial expressions- 20 weeks: sensitivity to pain and sound- 21 weeks: viability is posile.

sanctity of life (SOL):

  • God is the creatot and life-giver and only God has the right to take life away.
  • Biblical texts: "... you nit me together in my mothers womb" (psalm 139:13)
  • " thus says the LORD, your redeemer, who formed you in the womb..." (isaiah 44:24)


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