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All organisms share the following charateristics:

movement, respiration, nutrition, excretion, reproduction and growth. 

single celled organism exhibit these seven charateristics as well.

organelles-the structures found within a cell 

ultrstructure--detailed structure of the inside of a cell

divsion of labour --the specific role each organelle has within the cell.

cytoskeleton is the network of protein fibres found within in the cell, which gives structure and shape to the cell. They also move organelles around inside the cell. actin filament fibres move against eachtoehr and cuase movement. microtubules (another type of fibre) is made of the protein tublin. microtubules are 25nm in diameter and they are used to move microorgaisms waft a liquid. 

flagella (undulipodia) and cilia:

flagella and cilia…


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