Oceans on the Edge

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Human activities that are destroying and degrading the marine ecosystems on a global scale:


·         Overfishing

·         Anchor damage

·         Water pollution

·         Diving and tourism

·         Coral for souvenirs

·         Yachts


How has the global pattern of human use of coral reefs changed over the last 50 years?


·         More boats and ships

·         People purchasing souvenirs

·         Overpopulation means waste goes into the reefs

·         More deforestation results in siltation

·         Sewage leaking into coral reefs causing eutrophication.

·         Ocean Acidification(1/3 of human CO2 absorbedàincreasingly acidic threatening calcifying organisms. (coral reefs, but also crustaceans – the foundations of the food web)

·         Ocean Warming and Coral Bleaching

·         Sea Level Rise


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