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  • DSM-5 categories of OCD: 
  • Recognises OCD and a range of other disorders. They all have repetitive behaviour in common accompanied by obsessive thoughts. 
  • OCD - charaterised by either obsessions (recurring thoughts, images, etc) and/or compulsions (repetitive behaviours such as hand washing). 
  • Trichotillomania - compulsive hair pulling
  • Hoarding disorder - compulsive gathering of possessions and the inability to part with aything. 
  • Excoriation disorder - compulsive skin picking. 
  • Behavioural characteristics of OCD:
  • Compulsions - Compulsions are repetitive - Typically sufferers of OCD feel compelled to repeat a behaviour (hand washing). This can also be characterised by couting etc too. 
  • Compulsions reduce anxiety - Around 10% of sufferers show compulsive behaviour alone - they have no obsessions, just a general state of irrational anxiety. Compulsions are carried out to…


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