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KEY STUDY: MILGRAM (see revision cards)


Change of location: experiment moved to offices. Obedience dropped to 47.5%. Suggests location effects obedience. 

Uniform condition: Milgram's experimenter wore a laboratory coat giving him a high status. When experimenter dressed in everyday clothes, obedience very low. The uniform of the authority figure can give them status

Touch proximity condition: teacher had to force learners hand down onto a shock plate when they refuse to participate after 150 volts. Obedience fell to 30%. Pp is no longer protected from seeing the consequences of their actions 

Ethical Issues:

Deception: pp's believed they were shocking a real person, not Milgram's confederate

Right to withdraw: BPS states researchers should make it clear to pp's that they are free to withdraw at any time but it wasn't clear in Milgram's study that they had that right. The…


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