Obedience to Authority

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Milgram - remote learner

Method: Lab experiment. 40 men took part as volunteers and recieved payment. Each of them was introduced to a confederate. They witnessed them being strapped into a chair and connected to a shock generator in the next room. It didn't give electric shocks but participants believed it was real. The switches ranged from 15 to 450 labelled ***. The participant taught the learner word pairs over an intercom. They had to increase shocks as the confederate got them incorrect. They began to scream and ask to be let out. After 330 he made no further noise and if the participants hesitated they were asked to continue. Debriefing included an interview, questionnaires and being reuinted with the confederate. 

Results: 46% administered 450 v and none stopped before 300 v. Most showed signs of stress during the experiment. 

Conclusion: Ordinary people will obey orders to hurt someone, even if it means


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