Obedience: situational variables - evaluation

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Strength: there is research evidence to support the findings
In a field experiment in NYC, Bickman (1974) had confederates dress in three different outfits: a jacket and tie, a milkman's outfit and a security guard's uniform. The confederates asked passersby to perform tasks (i.e. picking up litter). People were twice as likely to obey the 'security guard' than the 'jacket and tie'. This supports Milgram's conclusion that a uniform conveys authority and is a situation factor likely to produce obedience

Strength: Milgram's results are generalisable
Milgram's findings have been replicated in other cultures. The findings of cross-cultural research have been generally supportive of Milgram, for example, Miranda et al (1981) found an obedience rate of over 90% among Spanish students. This suggests that Milgram's results are not limited to American men

Srength: Milgram systematically altered one


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