Oakley's Theory of the Family



- Oakley examined the role of the family in the late 1970s and early 1980s, focusing on what she referred to as the 'conventional family'- a family unit comprising of a married couple and their children.

- Her analysis examined the way in which this was perceived to be the norm in society and how this became a form of social control for individuals in society.

How the Conventional Family Acts as a Form of Control

- Societal expectations of getting married and having children.

- The male is the primary wage earner and the female is the primary caregiver.

- Social pressures to conform represses women's career ambitions and alternative forms of relationships and personal lifestyles. 

Changes to the Conventional Family

- Rise of cohabitation and other alternatives to the conventional family began in the 1980s.

- Women's involvement in paid employment saw a…


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