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  • Two types: Simple carbohydrates are found in fruits and are easily digested by the body. The are also present in many processed foods and anything with refined sugar added. Complex carbohydrates are found in nearly all plant-based foods, and usually take longer for the body to digest.  They are most commonly found in bread, pasta, rice and vegetables.
  • An important source of energy during activity, and its the predominant source of energy during high-intensity exercise. 
  • Stored as glycogen, transported as glucose.


  • Secondary energy store of fuel for low-intensity, aerobic work such as jogging. 
  • Made up from glycerol and fatty acids. 
  • Fats contain a lot of carbon, which is why they give us so much energy. 
  • Fats are important in low intensity exercise but it has to be used in combination with glycogen due to its hydrophobic quality (low water solubility), which inhibits fat metabolism. 


  • Important for tissue growth…


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