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Balanced Diet

Is eating nutrients from a variety of food groups, in the RIGHT AMOUNTS.

  • 60% Carbohydrate. (possibly 70% for athletes)
  • 30% Fat.
  • 10% Protein.

Calories per Day

  • non-athletes - 2000kcal
  • athletes - 3000kcal


  • They are the body's main energy source.
  • Simple 'carbs' - broken down quickly and easily.
  • Complex 'carbs' - take longer to break down, so provide sustained energy. (Better for athletes)


  • Can be used as energy.
  • Helps to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K.


  • Used for growth and repair.
  • High Biological Value (HBV) - contains ALL essential amino acids.
  • Low Biological Value (LBV) - contains ONE OR MORE amino acis.
  • Mixing LBV proteins supplies all amino acids and is known as protein complementing.

Energy Yield per Gram

  • Carbohydrate - approx. 4.2 calories.
  • Fat - approx. 9.5 calories.
  • Protein - approx. 4.1 calories.

Glycaemic Index (GI)

  • High GI foods - absorbed quickly.
  • Low GI foods


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