Nurse's Song (Songs Of Innocence) by William Blake

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Nurse's Song

Songs of Innocence

(By William Blake)

The poem describes a dialog between a nurse and some children. The nurse is sitting at home quietly and the children are playing in the hills. The poem is composed of four stanzas. The first one describes the overall scene and than the other three are the dialog itself.

  • Once again the theme of the poem is innocence represented through the playful children.
  • There isn't any discontent between the adults and the children in this poem. The Nurse cares about the children very much. This could be seen from the lines "When the voices of children are heard on the green....My heart is at wrest within my breast" She emphasises the fact that as long as the children are happy and safe she is calm.
  • Another topic that is heavily represented in this poem is nature. There are the "little birds fly", "hills covered with sheep" , "the green". All of this imagery is used to draw a clear picture of harmony in the readers head, because often nature symbolizes exactly that.
  • Furthermore, nature is a simbol of purity and the fact that the children are…


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