Nucleophiles and Electrophiles

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Nucleophiles and Electrophiles

Nucleophiles - Electron rich molecules. They are negatively charged and have unbonded electron pairs.

Electrophiles - Electron poor molecules. They are positively charged and have all electron pairs bonded.

Nucleophilic centres - atoms with unbonded pairs of electrons are known as Nucleophilic Centres.

Electrophilic centres - atoms situated next to electronegative atoms are known as Electrophilic Centres.

Nucleophilic strengths - Nitrogen is stronger than Oxygen, which is stronger than halogens. This can also be written as N > O > Halogen

Electrophilic strengths - Hydrochloric acid is stronger than water, which is stronger than ammonia. This can also be written as HCL > H




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