Notes on Plath's Spinster (Love, male/female relationships...) - QUOTES, POINTS, AND HUGHES LOVEPET


Love/male and female relationships


  • "Now this particular girl", "latest suitor" - The opening line is conversational and colloquial, inviting the reader in to understand and to judge. The persona/speaker is perhaps detatched from love itself, shown by diction choice 'suitor' - perhaps she is not interested in love, men or marriage. 
  • "unbalance", "stray uneven", "wilderness", "disarray" - Semantic field of disorder, subverted view of spring (which usually connotates to rebirth, growth, cheer = perhaps against the idea of children, too) - confusing, dislikes untidyness - related seasons to falling in love, the speaker perhaps wants order and control. 
  • "order", "border", "exact" - Juxtaposing ideas of control, contain and precision, just as the speaker wants her emotions to be, amplifying her rejection of love and the removal of male influence. 
  • "white and black", "ice", "rock" - Colour imagery and elements to reinforce the speakers "heart's frosty disciplin" and preference of the winter season, compared to the "disarray" of the "ceremonious" (sarcasm?) spring. No colour in her emotions, cold and emotionless...etc. 
  • "treason", "idiots", "withdrew neatly" - Speaker thinks giving into love and marriage is a betrayal to he true feelings. Harsh, simplistic register "idiots" allows a candid


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