Notes on an Inspector Calls structure of essays

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Inspector Calls


·      Para 1: All characters use the words responsible and responsibility. Key theme and there are 2 type, personal and social

·      Para2: Point of interrogation to get them to accept responsibility for what they did. State role in Eva’s death, group via generation.

·      Para 3: Collective Responsibility, their views on social responsibility. Talk about how younger generation realize they have social responsibility. Even when they can get away with it, younger generation realize that this doesn’t change what they did to her.

·      Para 4: Inspector’s view- J.B Priestley’s voice. Post war people to learn from mistakes; don’t go back to old ways. Inspector wants everyone to take responsibility and take responsibility for others.

·      Para 5: Importance of theme. Sum it up. Different types. 


·      Para 1: Sum up class (key theme) mentioned instantly (stage directions) CONTEXT. Upper abuse lower, but then class gets blurred by war.

·      Para 2: Talk about each of their social standings (Gerald, Mrs.B and Mr. B who is a social climber)

·      Para 3: Explain how each member abused Eva. (Working classes abused). Judgemental views on lower classes, viewed as cheap labour, no responsibility for workers.

·      Para 4: Mrs.B Para. Most class orientated. Obsession=weakness.

·      Para 5: Eric and Sheila change. Start, abuse classes lower than them. They learn, get social conscience and accept responsibility for what they did.

Give Advice to…

·      Para 1: Give info about character. Relationship with others, situation at start of play should be included.

·      Para 2: Write about personality, tell…


Grace Roe


Detailed notes :) Very good, really helpful too! 



I've edited this in a Word Doc format, easier for me to print off and revise from... would you mind if I shared it? Credits to you, obviously... :)

Katherine Hain


Yes thats absolutely fine :) x



thank you this really helped me with my exam

ruby flanagan


thank you - really helpful! btw are these past paper questions or ones that you think might come up?? sorry if I'm being stupid and its pasted on big letters somewhere... 

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