Notes on Abortion

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What is Abortion?
The deliberate termination of pregnancy through the removal and destruction of the fetus. 

Abortion is legal up to 24 weeks in the U.K. In extreme situations it can occur after 24 weeks if the child and/or mother is at serious risk in medical terms.
You must have the consent of two doctors to have an abortion.

Reasons for abortion:
Medical Reasons
To Young or unable to care for the child
Not Ready to be a parent
Non safe sex/ one night stand
Do not want to child 

When does human life begin? 
Pregnant women have their first ultrasound scan at 8 weeks where they see their unborn baby developing in the womb.

Donald Peebles, a leading doctors has said although the fetus looks developed at the 12 week scan, it is a lot longer before it develops it's sensory brain activity & actually becomes a fully formed human. 

Why do most Christians disagree about Abortion? 
The Bible has no specific teachings about abortion. So many Christians have to apply the moral principles taught in the Bible to the issue of abortion. The different ways people interpret the Bible lead to different views on abortion.

All Christians agree that......
Abortion is always a last resort and a serious issue, as like is a gift from God.

A couple should speak with their church and ask God for guidance.

Women should be supported whatever their decision.

Points for Abortion 
All women should have to right to an abortion, whatever the reason and not have to persuade two doctors.

A disabled child may have a life of suffering and it's parents may also suffer.

A victim of **** should not be made to have the baby as she had no choice

Points against


Miss KHP


VERY DETAILED notes on abortion which includes information from the Christian perspective (with Biblical quotes).

Worth a read if you are being examined on this, especially if the focus is on Christianity.

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