Northumberland's Religious Policy

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Relig reform becomes more radical. Feb 1550 - refs start as NL in control, Cons removed from PC. Gardiner in tower - PC ordered him to agree to doctines of Ch of Eng - refuses. Bonner in tower - NL replaces him with Ridely (prot) as Bishop of London. 

  • Nov 1550 - Removal of stone altars - replaced by wooden ones - regards transub so sig
  • 1551 - more Prot bishops appointed 
  • 1551 - New Ordination Service - service made prot but still a lot of Cath traditions inc e.g. vestements  - Hooper (rad prot) invited to be Bishop of Gloucester - refused because he wouldn't wear the vestements > NL & Hooper fall out, heated debate, Ed involved > Hooper imprisoned @end of 1551. Hooper relents > becomes BofG 
  • 1551 - Cranmer is revisiting BCP, making it more Prot 
  • Jan 1552 - 2nd BCP - highly Prot, written by Cranmer - removes all traces of Cath, clearly est a Eucharist Ceremony in line with Calvin's belief in a spiritual presence. Prayers for the dead & the wearing of vestements simplified. Altars replaced. Sign of the cross abolished in Communion. Eng Ch effectively fully reformed.. (??) Wording in Communion = very Prot - "take and eat this in remeberance" whereas 1549 BCP mentioned "th body of Christ" - body & symbol co-existed. NOW = PURELY SYMBOLIC. Only a spiritual presence, NO PHYSICAL - Eliz doesn't even go this far! Calvanist ideas - going to heaven nothing to do with good works, dependant on God solely. (Diff to Luther who emphasises doble predestination.) BUT some REFS resent the fact they still have to KNEEL when recieving bread and wine. 
  • Jan 1552 - New Treason Act - made it an offence to…


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