Non-woven fabrics

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  • pressed wool felt is made from animal hair or wool fibres matted togehter by moisutre, mechanical action or heat
  • felt fabric is made from 50% animal hair - usually wool - which makes it quite expensive
  • the fibre webt is squahsed together in a felting machine then milled using mechanical pressure heat and moisture
  • fibres become entangled through repeated treatment until the required density of felt is achieved
  • woven or knitted felt is made from felt is made from fabrics containing animal hair or wool which are matted by moisture, mechanical action and heat in a milling machine
  • the original fabric construction is covered by a smooth surface, making the fabric warm and windproof
  • the woven fabric Loden is produced this way (used for overcoats)
  • needle felt is made from fibres matted together through the mechanical action of using barbed needles to engtangle the fibres
  • in the mechanical process, a bulky webb (batt) of fibres is repreatedly punched by a bank of barbed needles
  • every needle drags fibres to the base of the webt…


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