''No Government Conservative or Labour were able to stem Britain's economic decline'' Assess the validity of this biew 1951-1990

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Evidence of decline (Supporting the statement)

  • Mismanagement of the economy by both Labour and Tories: Sticking to the economic orthodox didn't always work- Kenyanism- Stop-Go Economics.
  • UK GDP was 1.8% compared to European average of 3.9%.
  • UK GDP growth from 1979-1990 was 2.1% compared to European average of 2.9% (smaller increase but still lower).
  • Lack of investment.
  • Dominance of Trade Unions and poor industrial relations.
  • Cost of maintaining the welfare state: Significant devalutation crisis 1967- reduction of £ on international market. Faliure of National Plan- unreachable targets and DEA.
  • Upto 1979 these was an anti-enterprise culture.
  • Problems with economic orthodox: Kenyisan System (1979- trigger year, Thatcher).
  • Heath Period 1970-1974: Economic Crisis 1973-1974, Unemployment reaching over 1 million, (NUM wages) Miners Strike 1974, 3 Day week- unpopular with British people as it brought back memories of wartime/ Oil Price Crisis 1972.
  • Winter of Discontent 1978/79- Mass strikes of public sector workers (binman, gravediggers, schools shut down): Dominance of Trade Unions
  • Negative impacts of Monterism 1979-1984: Limited opportunities, Social impacts- Toxeth Riots…


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