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Nixon 1969-74

1968 year of changes:

  • The Tet Offensive: makes americans realise they are not going to win the Vietnam war and America looks unjustified – dissulusionment

  • MLK assassinated: shock throughout America – dissulusionment

  • Bobby Kennedy assassinated: friend of the poor, aware of growing gap between the rich and poor, criticised Vietnam , assassination brought the end of johnsons great society – dissulusionment

  • The students- yippies become vocal (youth international party), pop music, kent state 1970, Nixon uses disruption to his advantage

  • Miss America pagent-betty friedan, women felt frustrated and became more articulate, lots of sexism even within equal rights campaigns, put a sheep on stage

Election strategies:

  1. Loyalty to republicans- given speeches, written articles, widely known

  2. Moderate republican- virulent against communism, moderate in domestic policies (appealed to middle America and sunbelt states)

  3. Provides moderate leadership- keeps state intervention to a minimum

  4. Dynamic election techniques- american values, observation of JFK, restricted appearances only to large audiences, good appearance, slick on camera

  5. Sex appeal- sexiness of family connections (daughter married Eisenhower’s grandson), uses daughter for canvasing

  6. Personal endorsement of Eisenhower- Eisenhower been elected twice highly respected, when seriously ill he supported Nixon, like a dying wish

  7. Good at gaining republican support- appeals to their values

  8. Associated to Eisenhowes prosperity during vice presidency- he was a very stagnant president JFK later brought the dynamic money but many liked the stability

  9. Blocked support of Ronald Reagan- raised defence spending in south, slows down racial intergration

  10. Spiro agnew as vice- George ford…




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