Nitty Gritty Bits of Criminal Courts!

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Crown Court Act 1971; Criminal Appeal Act 1995

85,000 cases per annum; 90 Crown Courts - decreasing cause' of costs !

Crown Court CENTRES is split into 3 tiers:

  • 1st teir- Crown and High Court = spereate judges and jury, permanently staffed. Based in Bristol, Leeds and Manchester; Indictable offences
  • 2nd teir- Crown Court =  but there are High Court judges TEW offences
  • 3rd teir-  Circuit and Recorder Judges - summery or TEW offences.

Jury - Need 11:1 or 10:2 or unanimous verdict; If not there's a re-trial. 

Purjury= serious offences- it's where you DONT say the whole truth and nothin' but the truth! This applies to witnesses but this…


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