Nitrogen containing compounds - amines, amides etc

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Nitrogen containing compunds 

Amines - have an NH2 group and smell like rotten fish ( Nice, right?). When naming them you can eithrr but amnio infront of the name or amine ie ethlyamine or amniopropane.

they can act as bases and are able to make hydrogen bonds, therefore they are soluble in water but the solubility decreases when the length of the carbon chain increases.Finally, they are able to act as ligands( A ligend is a molcule which has a lone pair of electrons which can make a dative covalent bond with a metal cation to form a complex ion) . 

The strength of the base deoends on the availability of the lone pair of electrons and how easy it is to donate them to another molecule Ammonia, Phenylamine and butylamine are examples but how do we know how strong they are? due to the delocalised electron ring in Phenylamine the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen are incorporated into this structure - making it the weakest base and ammonia the second strongest and the butylamine the strongest as the…




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