Newcastle: Integrated Transport System

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Newcastle: Integrated Transport System 

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Choose three statements from the information that are facts - you then need to AO2 them to explain how this is an opportunity for the population of Newcastle and the wider area in the rest of the country. 

AO1 - Expansion at Newcastle airport means that there are now scheduled flights to over 80 destinations.  Most of these are within Europe, however there are now also regular direct flights to Dubai.  

AO2 - This is an opportunity as it is means that there are more places for people to visit, and furthermore, as Newcastle airport continues to grow, more flights will be scheduled, so not only will people from Newcastle be able to travel further, but there may also be a chance for tourism to grow. In addition, now that there are now also regular direct flights to Dubai, it means that Newcaslte can become a more culturally diverse palace, as if the only places that were being visited before were European, then this means that Newcastle would not really have developed culturally. If Newcastle develops culturally then more tourists may be attracted, and more students may come from abroad to


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