New Liberalism 1902-1918: Charles Booth and Seebohm Rowntree

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Charles Booth (1840-1916)

  • Born into wealthy Liverpool ship owning family
  • Mid 1870s he moved to London
  • Refused to accept statistic: '25% of the working class live in poverty'
  • Booth set up his own research with paid investigators
  • Over 17 years the living conditions, income and spending of 4,000 people was reported
  • 1889-1903: 17 volumes were published
  • Found that 31% of Londoners were living below the poverty line
  • Booth categorized people:
    • Class A: lowest class who were criminals (1.25% of poor)
    • Class B: Casual earnings who were widowers/ part time labourers (11.25% of poor)
    • Class


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