New Age Movements

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  • EXAMPLES- Become prominent in 1980's. Ideas of New Age can be incorporated into sects, cults and especially world affirming movements (According to Wallis) and client/ audience cults (Stark and Bainbridge). New Age ideas are also spread in the form of books, lectures, shops, TV programmes etc.
  • NEW AGE INTERESTS- clairvoyance, corn fields etc are ideas. Natural remedies that are popular e.g. yoga, meditation and crystals. You can buy books, look on line or visit a community...
  • HEELAS- All NAMs have a common interest of increasing and bettering spirituality. Many have turned away from traditional religions to look for the True Me/ spiritual core.
  • No more ties to meta- narratives. Most offer you the best of both worlds... increased spirituality and little commitment. Are sometimes focussed on global issues such as environmentalism.
  • DRANE- “The New Age is a response to the acknowledged failure of the scientific and materialistic world to deliver the goods. The


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