New right view of education

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New right

There are two dfferent views amogst the new right and this is shown in the view they have about the role of education.The neo-liberal tradition believes that individuals are rational ad should be allowed to make their own decisions.The neo-conservatives believe that people need guidance and their choice should be limited.

New right to some extent agree with functionalist position in that they argue that some people are naturally more able than others. They believe that education shoul create a meritocratic socil order where the best people prosper. They also believe that te education system should help to create s united and integrated society by creating a common national culture and identity, therefore a key role of education is to provide secondary socialisation. New right also believes that the current education system is failing to acheive its goals and should be transformed. There are two main reasons for this; the first is that education is a state monopoly and such is likely to become inefficent. There is no need for competition and no need for improvement, it does not need to take into consideration its consumers (parents and children) in th provision for their service (education). Therefore the education system is dominated by few people, it is those who produce education are the ones that dominate the education system, they dominate the system…


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