New Deal and Agencies

The New Deal 1933

White people took over the jobs previously done by AAs eg Farming

AAs were unemployed and had no source of income - many starved

Roosevelt created the New Deal to stimulate the economy and help the poor.

Roosevelt was not ignorant to the fight for CR

The New Deal set up programmes that had a positive impact on Black lives however had to be careful that legislation did not purposely benefit AAs as he did not want to upset Southern Democrats.


1935 WPA - Works Progress Administation

Employed millions of unskilled men to carry out public work projects eg building roads

550,000 AAs employed, 5,000 AA teachers employed in new schools

Doubled the % of AAs employed

Racial Quarters - A certain % of AAs had to be employed (Government introduction for WPA)

AAA - Agricultural Adjustment Administration 

Tried to restore agricultural prosperity.

Gave money to White landowners who kept it from AA workers.

After 1936 cheques made payable…


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