neutral tones

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neutral tones 

Neutral Tones is a love poem, but focuses on the sadness of the end of a relationship rather than the joy of sharing love. It has a tone of tenderness mixed with deep regret and even bitterness, packing poetic devices and original imagery into the four short stanzas to make a powerfully emotional piece of poetry.

form, structure and language

the poem is written in quatrains. The poem consists of four stanzas. The rhyme scheme follows the regular pattern abba, sense of seperation between two a's. The pairs of rhymed lines contribute to the straightforward style of the poem, supporting the idea of a neutral telling of the tale.The rhythmic pattern of the poem is not consistent. This maybe echoes the uncomfortable feeling which existed between the two people involved and in the eventual breakdown of their relationship. The overall structure of the poem is circular rather than linear as it starts and ends in the same geographical place. One interpretation of this is that the speaker has not come to terms with what has happened and revisits


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