Neurones & The Nervous System

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The NERVOUS SYSTEM is composed of...

  • The central nervous system
    • the brain and spinal chord.
  • The peripheral nervous system
    • the nerves and receptors

The role of the CNS is to process sensory information & co-ordinate a response.

Stimuli (changes in the body's internal or external environment) are detected by receptors.  These send impulses along sensory neurones to the CNS.  Impulses are then sent along motor neurones to effectors, e.g. muscles, to bring about a response.

What is a NEURONE?

A nerve cell that is adapted to conduct action potentials.


Neurones have...

  • a cell body containing a nucleus and organelles, e.g. mitochondria, ribosomes, and endoplasmic reticulum;
  • dendrites (extensions of the cell body).  They have a large…


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