Neural/hormonal mechanisms

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NEUROTRANSMITTERS: chemicals that allow impulses in the brain to be transmitted from 1 part of brain to other.

  • 2 NT linked with Ag= low serotonin levels + high dopamine levels

**Serotonin: believed to reduce Ag by inhibiting responses to emotional stimuli(might have led to an aggressive response)

  • low levels of serotonin= higher chances of ag, suicide or impulsive behaviour.

1) Mann et al

  • 35 healthy subjects
  •  given drug that depleted serotonin
  • Ag levels based on hostility scores on questionnaire
  • lower serotonin=High A levels in males but not females

**Dopamine: high levels=cause aggression

2) Levine: amphetamine drugs increased aggression levels in normal people.

  • anti-psychotics reduce


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