Network Hardware


  • Passes all data to all computers
  • Leads to unneccassary network trafic

Network Interface Card/ Network Adapter:

  • Conects computer to network
  • Formats data using correct protocols.


  • Examines data packets find destination address.
  • Does not pass on the data to all parts of network.
  • Reducs unnecessary network traffic.


Wired vs. Wireless:

  • Wireless:
    • Can be moved anywhere in LAN.
    • Internet connection/speed may be affected.
    • Obsticles such as walls, doors or people can slow down the speed.
    • Quick and cheap to connect devices once hub is owned.
    • No tripping hazard.
    • More devices can be connected - no plug in.
  • Wired connection:
    • Direct link to network.
    • Increase in network speed.
    • No obstructions e.g. walls to obstruct the path of data.
    • Hard to eavesdrop on.

Signal Quality:

  • Poor signal quality:
    • Takes longer for data to get through.
    • Hard to connect to network.
  • Good signal quality
    • Connect more easily to network.


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