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Most of the work done on the transition is done in the Near East

Traditionally been defined as the time when agriculture was adopted and people lived a more sedentary life,

Intro of new food sources, new technology, new economic practices, came all together as a package but bad idea as then people believed that all innovations were adopted at once but not the case, some technological innovations like pots could have been used by the Mesolithic 

Things that are found are not the things that meant the most to the Neolithic its just what has been discovered and hasnt eroded 

Isnt a Neolithic Revolution but instead an evolutionary process 

People probably took on the various agricultural practices slowly and naturally - animal husbandry whereby forest was cleared to encourage wild animals to graze on the new plant growth in the clearances, would have made animals easier to catch 

Domestication has many advantages for the animals concerned, it protects them for predators and assures them of a ready supply of food, their young are safe and nourished by the human protectors, in return the animals sacrifice the ability to choose their own breeding partner 

The people who adopted this new more sedentary lifestyle lived in long timber…


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