Nazi Methods of Control



Propaganda is the spreading of particular views and opinions to try and control how people think.  Nazi propaganda blamed the Jews and communists for most of Germany's problems.  The Nazis took over German media, controlling radio broadcasts and using films and posters to spread their ideas. The Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda was founded in 1933 and led by Dr Joseph Goebbels.  All artists, musicians and journalists had to register to get their work approved.  The Nazis organised huge rallies of party members to present an image of strength and power.  They used the 1936 Olympics in Berlin as an opportunity for publicity.


The Nazis censored books, films, newspapers and other materials.  Those who published anti-Nazi material risked execution.  The Nazis used censorship to encourage nationalism and anti-semitism.  They praised patriotic German composers such as Wagner but banned the work of Jewish composers.


The ** began as a bodyguard for Hitler.  It expanded massively after Himmler took


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