Nazi Leaders

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Nazi Leaders

Josef Goebbals

  • Wasn't able to fight in the First World War as he had a limp.
  • Small, physically weak.
  • Intelligent and well educated.
  • Joined the Nazi party in 1922.
  • He was the editor of the Nazi Newspaper (propaganda).

Hermann Goering

  • Middle-Class
  • He was in the air-force in World War 1.
  • He shot 22 enemy aircraft's.
  • Loud, intelligent, witty, charming, vain and greedy.
  • Joined the party in 1922.
  • In charge of the


Catherine Watkins


very helpful thank you :)

louise daniels


great facts but it is Rudolf Hess (not hees)

Need to put information that Rohm was first SA leader and Goering was second SA leader.

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