Nazi Germany

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When did Hitler become leader of the DAP?

Hitler became leader of the DAP in 1921, and he changed the name of the party to, 'NSDAP' which was  basically the Nazi Party in short. During the beginning Hitler established the SA who were the 'stormtroopers' who dressed in strict, brown unifrom and who were used to spy on other communist parties, break up their meetings and act as bodyguards for the NSDAP. They worked because their uniforms gave the impression of organisation and fear and thus, the German people needed organisation because of the collapse of the Weimar Republic and this is why the party gained so much support in the early years. Hitler despised communist parties such as the, 'Social Democrats' and so breaking up their party meetings were key in  him gaining support from the German people.

What did, 'Mein Kampf' outline? (meaning my struggle)

When Hitler was sent to jail after the unsuccessful attempt at overthrowing the government; he spent his days in prison writting, 'Mein Kampf' which outlined his beliefs which would in turn become the policies which belonged to the NSDAP. His book included the following beliefs:

-That he should create an Aryan race

-That he should exterminate the Jews

-That he didn't believe in the Treaty of Versailles

-Hatred of Jews

-Hatred of Communism

-He wanted to create a thriving German economy again

Effects of the Wall Street Crash (1929) on Germany:

-The German…


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