Nazi Beliefs

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Nazi beliefs were based on Hitlers ideas as outlined in the 25 point programme of the Nazi Party, introduced in 1920 in mein kampf.

The Nazi view of the world was called the Weltangschauung.

The beliefs can be codified as follows:

  • The Aryan race is the superior race, the master race or Herrenvolk
  • The Aryans have the right to take over land in the east, especially in Russia. This land is called lebensraum.
  • The role of Aryan men and boys is to fight and die for their country
  • The role of Aryan girls and women is to become the mothers of the future German army
  • The role of women is domestic, as wives and mothers
  • German society should bebased on the fuhrer principle in which people obey their leaders
  • Boys need to be taught to kill without conscience
  • Jews are to blame for the problems of the world
  • Communism is a Jewish conspiracy
  • All races other…


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